The Glen South Family

Glen was not raised in a Christian home. At the age of fifteen, the youth ministry of GBC met and invited Glen’s family to church. From this, Glen heard the Gospel and devoted his life to Christ. After a trip to North Africa, God confirmed that he wanted Glen to work in a Muslim context. To prepare for this, Glen attended his local church’s bible college. He then served in Atlanta, GA under veteran missionaries. It was there he had the opportunity to be involved in planting a church in Metro Atlanta. 

It was through the faithfulness of her mother that Sonya was raised in church and heard the Gospel. She became a believer at the age of sixteen. She had first-hand experience in sharing the Gospel with Muslims, as her father was an Iranian Muslim. Through the faithful witness and prayers of her family, her father became a believer before he passed! After spending a year and a half in North Africa, Sonya knew she wanted to serve the Lord in a Muslim context. 
Turkey is a country of 80 million people and is 98% Muslim! There are only 5,000 believers and 120 churches in the entire country of Turkey! The Souths are excited to serve the Lord in Turkey through making disciples, planting local churches and training Turkish pastors. 


  • South Family October Update, Have you pondered the immensity of God’s covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15? God promised his seed would be as numerous as the stars in the sky! Now get this – there are 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe, with an average of 100 billion stars per galaxy, giving us an estimated total of […]
  • Weekly News and Prayer Updates, Highlight of the week: Over the past week we received word from a new supporter! We praise God for supplying partners in the ministry. Every time we hear of a new supporter, it makes ministry in Turkey seem more of a reality and we are eagerly anticipating our arrival there! Turkish news of the week: Turkish […]
  • Weekly News and Prayer Updates, Highlight of the week: This past week we have heard from two new supporters! We praise God for providing supporters, and we are thankful for your partnership in the gospel. Turkish news of the week: Turkey requests U.S. to arrest Gulen. Upcoming this week: Over the next week, Sonya and I will be in OH for […]
  • South Family Weekly News and Prayer Updates, Highlight of the Week: Over the past week, we received word of a new supporter. This was in response to a letter sent by our Pastor concerning recent events in Turkey, and how this has strengthened the desire and vision Sonya and I, along with our church, have for Turkey. We praise God he uses […]
  • Repost: 15 Reasons we should flood Turkey with Disciple Making Missionaries NOW!, The following article is not mine, but a repost from a friend and mentor working in North Africa. As you read, I would ask you to pray with us for three things. First, that God will work in the ministries of missionaries presently in Turkey. Two, that God will send more disciple makers to Turkey. […]
  • Weekly News and Prayer Updates, Highlight of the Week: Two churches this past week informed us they will be partnering with us for the gospel in Turkey! We praise God for these churches and we are excited about what God will do through our partnership. Turkish News of the Week: Iran and Turkey cooperation over Syria: In response to the Syrian […]
  • Weekly News and Prayer Updates, Highlight of the Week: This past week, Sonya and I were part of a conference in KY. During this time we met and spent time with an older couple, Carl and Barbara (picture below). Carl and Barbara were church planters in Dubai for 36 years! It was a great time learning from them and rejoicing […]
  • South Family August Newsletter, Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Sonya and I thank you for your continued partnership with us, and this is manifested in more than your monetary giving. Many of you contacted us as Turkey appeared in the news, to inform us you and your church are praying for us. Thank you for your continued contact and […]
  • Weekly News and Prayer Updates, Highlight of the Week: Contrary to the title, we have two highlights from this week. This week started with having to get our AC fixed because the compressor went out. A supporting church in Tennessee connected us with a mechanic. We were of the assumption this was going to cost approximately $1,000. The day we […]
  • South Family July Newsletter, Dear Pastor and Praying Friends, Sonya and I have officially been on deputation for six months now! God has taught us much, and allowed us to see Him work in a variety of ways during this time. Thank you for your support of us in prayers and financial support. It is an honor for us […]