Faith Promise Missions

The Faith Promise Plan of mission giving is a Scriptural plan of giving according to a definite purpose set forth in II Corinthians 9:7. It is a means whereby Christians are enabled to obey the command of Jesus to carry the Gospel into all the world through their own local church. Faith Promise challenges people to give systematically and purposefully to home and foreign missions for a program of world evangelism through the channels of the local church.

This plan invites every member, both young and old, to participate in a systematic plan of giving from childhood through the entire Christian life. It helps in planning a definite missionary budget so that regular commitments can be met and special projects can be undertaken, since the church can know the approximate amount of money it will receive during the year.

The Faith Promise Plan is best set in action through the use of an annual missions conference. When the faith promises are made by individuals, constant financial appeals for missionary offerings are eliminated. Using this plan, it is only practical to believe that there is a great potential for both men and money to be produced for missions through the churches. Both experience and observation will prove this to be true. By the Faith Promise Plan of missions, there is no shortage of supply for the finances required to evangelize the world in this generation, since we are attempting it by faith.